About Us

Native Bean is a small bean to bar chocolate company that Scott Davis started in October of 2019.

When he was 12 years old, his cousin Paige and him watched a movie about a small chocolate shop in France. They tried making their own but resulted in burnt chocolate and two broken blenders.

Years had passed by and Scott went after his second passion which is film but the dream of owning his own chocolate company never truly left him.

While he was taking a break from working on film sets in April of 2019, he stumbled upon an old book called The Emperors of Chocolate. For days he poured over this book and his new found hero, Milton Hershey. He decided it was time to again set out to accomplish his childhood dream of making delicious chocolate.

He ordered some cocoa beans online, purchased an old stone grinder and went to work. For many days he developed his own roasts, figuring out when to tell if the cocoa bean was ready or if it was overdone. He taught himself the art of tempering on a marble slab and after 6 months of multiple failures and taste tests, he had his recipes down.

Native Bean takes everything back to the main source, the cocoa bean. With amazing origins from Madagascar, Ecuador and Belize it really brings out unique flavor notes in every single bar.

We hope you enjoy these wonderful handmade bars from our kitchen here in Springville, UT.