About Us


It was only three years ago that Native Bean was created. 

At that time Scott Davis was working full time as a special effects film artist, creating snow, fog and fire effects for different television shows and movies living the dream. 

But while he was taking a break in between sets, he started to spend his time perusing old bookstores.   

As he was looking through one one day, he stumbled upon a particular book that caught his eye. It was entitled, The Emperors of Chocolate. 

For days and days he poured over the pages of this book, the start ups and failures of Milton Hershey and his rival Forrest/Frank Mars. He grew to love his new found hero, Hershey and all that he had done for good as a chocolate maker. 

Scott decided at that point that he would finally fulfill his childhood dream of making for himself his very own dark chocolate. 

He ordered some cocoa beans online and went to work. Many times the beans were burned, the chocolate would never stay in temper and sometimes it was just plain awful.

He continued on his days off, working on the recipes, making notes and trying out new flavors and ingredients with his friends and family. 

After 6 months of multiple failures and a few successes, Scott had the recipes down and approved. 

That October he opened his online store and made his first sale. 

He would continue redefining the look and image of Native Bean that people all over Utah would be able to recognize and love. 

Native Bean brings everything back to the main source, the cocoa bean. With beans imported from Madagascar, Ecuador and Belize each bring their own unique flavor profiles specific to their region. 

We hope you will enjoy these wonderful handmade bars, made here in Springville, Utah.