Origin Stories

Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador

is known for being one of the oldest sites of original cocoa production in the world. 

The farm is ran by Freddy Salazar and his family. 
It is 100-hectare cacao farm that has a very short wet season from January to May but during the rest of its dry months the farm still thrives from equal amounts of light drizzling rain. 

The trees will start bearing fruit from the months of Jan-Feb with a harvest in late July-Sept. 

The flavor notes of cacao this season are fruity with undertones of roasted nut. 


Ambanja, Madagascar 

This single estate in the northwestern tip of Madagascar is ran by Bertil Akesson. 

This farm has been in operation since 1920 and has grown over the years to develop into one of the greatest estates for cacao production in Madagascar.

The flavor notes of this cacao are very special because it always boasts rich and distinct flavors of fruit, mostly raspberry or cherry. 


Maya Mountain, Belize

Maya Mountain Cacao is different from each of our other origins in that it works with 411 family farms connecting them directly to the international cacao market. 

Maya Mountain purchases “wet” or unfermented cacao from these families at fair prices in southern Belize. 

The flavor notes of this season’s cacao are blackberry and toast.